From My Heart To You

Me Pot Of Gold

Well St. Patty's Day is coming
And tis' tomorrow you will see
A big Irish blessing
To you, from wee Irish me.

If you want me pot of gold
You'll not find it you see
For it's hid amongst
those little Leprechauns
And they guard it just for me.

You'll not find it in a tree
Nor not even under ground
Not inside a hollow trunk
Of a tree that has fallen down.

You'll not find it in the meadows
Nor in the flowers of spring
Not under any rock you see
With a bird on it that sings.

You'll not find it in a house
Nor in the attic or the cellar
Not even under a porch
With beautiful white pillars.

You'll not find it in the barn
Nor under a pile of hay
Not even in the cow's pasture
Where they eat all the day.

Now don't ask me where it tis'
For this I cannot say
As I made a solemn promise
To not give the place away.

But maybe just a wee hint
Wouldn't hurt now, do you think
Maybe I could sneak one in
I'll give it quicker than a wink.

Look up into the Heaven's
When the Angels cry their tears
And then the sun comes out
As it quiets all their fears.

Look for all the colors
Of Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green
Coming down from Heaven
Into the softly flowing stream.

Watch the colors sparkle
As the Angels dance with glee
And slide down God's rainbow
To sway gently in the breeze.

"OH NO!", I've said too much
Now my pot of gold you'll find
From such a wee Irish Lass
Who chatters all the time.


Have A Happy St. Patty's Day All!

Written by Judy N. Marquart
~ March 16, 2003 ~

This poem is copyrighted and is
not to be used without my permission.

Midi playing ~ Irish Washer Woman ~


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