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From My Heart To You


I knew Ket and Knudsen, Zeller, Zeder and Breer I knew Henry Ford back yonder as a lightplant engineer I'm a knew-'em-when companion who frequently recalls That none of those big brothers were to proud for overalls All the Fishers, all the leaders, all the motion pioneers Worked at molds or lathes or benches at the start of their careers Chrysler, Keller, Nash, and others whom I could but now won't name Had no high-falutin' notion ease and softness led to fame They had work to do and did it. Did it bravely, did it right never thinking it important that their collars should be white Never counted hours of labor, never wished their tasks to cease And for years their two companions were those brothers, dirt and grease Boy, this verse is fact, not fiction, all the fellows I have named Worked for years for wages and were never once ashamed Dirt and grease were their companions, better friends than linen white Better friends than ease and softness, golf or dancing every night Now in evening clothes you see them in the nation's banquet halls But they earned the right to be there, years ago, in overalls

~Author - Edgar A. Guest~


If a task is once begun Never leave it till it's done Be the labor great or small Do it well or not at all!

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