~From My Heart To You~

Grab something to drink and spend some time with me browsing the pages on the site. The site is filled with love from the first page to the last page you will look at. Without our Lord I could have not accomplished this and pray you will like what I have chose for you!

Any pages on the site map that have red stars under the author are new pages since I have opened the site back up again.

So good to be back with all our friends! ~ God bless and take care ~ Love Judy

I have been off the site as was on vacation and making a new garden and completely changing another one so now I have another one we really didn't need but both had this wild idea rofl. We now have a tea garden and instead of a rose garden we changed that to a seasonal garden so have been very busy this Spring and Summer. I have changed the song on the site map back to Because I Love You by request and hopefully a news letter will be going out soon as I get a few more pages done. Love you all. Judy

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Thank you Melva so much for the beautiful award!
God bless ~ Judy

**Animal Talk**

**Bible Stories**


**Family ~ Friends**

**In Memory Of**

*** Thoughts ~ Prayers ~ Devotionals ***


A Little Less Want
Aleta J. Beane
Battered Bruised
Judy Marquart
Born Again
John Fischer
Little Touch Love
Ann Hart
Aura Of Orange
Lark Douglas
Dirt Roads
Lee Pitts
Getting Old
Author Unknown
Drug Problem
Author Unknown
Don't Look Back
Mary Engelbrit
Don't Quit
Author Unknown
Angel Of Mercy
Judy Marquart
Angels Unaware
Judith J Kypta
Are You Christian
Judy Marquart
Ave Maria
Connie Francis
Be Still My Soul
Judy Marquart
Beyond The Sunset
Jimmie Rogers
Author Unknown
Chick Velasco
Did You Wonder
Judy Marquart
Directions To Father
Author Unknown
Dust If You Must
Author Unknown
Author Unknown
Every Season
Judy Marquart
Angel flying
Willie Nelson
Father's Love Letter
Author Unknown
For this Day
Author Unknown
The Love Of God
Judy Marquart
He Stopped Loving
George Jones
How To Forgive
Author Unknown
I Have Learned
Kathy Kane Hansen
I Once Was Lost
Judy Marquart
If God Should
Author Unknown
Best Day Of Life
Author Unknown
If Jesus Came
Red Sovine
In The Garden
Jim Reeves
In Times Doubt
Judge Gently
Author Unknown
Life Teaches Truth
Joseph Newton
Lifes Up Downs
Author Unknown
Lily of Valley
Judy Marquart
Day At A Time
Joseph Newton
Master Card
Author Unknown
Memo From God
Author Unknown
My Best
Bonnie Lee Tatum
My Gift
Audrey Shoemaker
One More For The Road
Ann Hart
My Love
Judy Marquart
Your Cross
Andrew Chase



A Grown Man Cry
Bonnie L Tatum
A Plea For
Norman D Stothers
A Soldiers Wife
Author Unknown
Beholding Beyond
Jerry Calow
Enjoy Your Freedom
Author Unknown
I've Got Your Back
Autumn Parker
Memorial Day
Different Authors
Prayer Of A Wife
Barbie Howard
American Soldier
Author Unknown
Blue And The Gray
Author Unknown
Final Inspection
Author Unknown
The Marine
Corp. Aaron Gilbert
Proudly American
Ray Stevens
Ragged Old Flag
Johnny Cash
Song Of The Patriot
Johnny Cash
This Land Is Yours
The Brothers Four
Independence Day
Authors Listed
The Parachute
Charles Plumb
The True Heroes
Bonnie L Tatum
Wall Of Love
Judy Marquart
Norman Stothers
Worker vs Military
Author Unknown
Labor Day
Author Unknown
Labor Day Poems
Author's Listed
They Earned
Edgar A. Guest
Don't Cry For Me
Marilyn McClain
The Eagle
Waylan Jennings
The Lady
Dana Holland
The Towers 911
Judy Marquart
Where Were You
Alan Jackson
Paul Spreadbury
Never Knew Your Name
Bonnie L Tatum
What Is A Vet
Denis Edward O'Brien
..... ..... .....




**Christmas ~ New Year's**

12 Days Christmas
Author Unknown
Candle For Christmas
Doris Lanni
Cowboys Christmas Prayer
S. Omar Barker
Different Christmas Poem
Michael Marks
Bobby's Dime
Thomas Pucci
Soldiers Christmas
Corp, James M. Schmidt
Christmas 2004
Mildred Cobbs
Christmas At Gas Station
Author Unknown
Christmas Day
Judy Marquart
Christmas Is Coming
Judy Marquart
Christmas Miracle
Janet Miller
Christmas On Farm
Judy Marquart
Christmas Prayer
Rian B Anderson
Christmas Time
Judy Marquart
Christmas To Me
Trisha Townsley
Dear Sweet Jesus
Judy Marquart
Forgotten Christmas
Bonnie L Tatum
Grandbabies Christmas
Aleta Beane
Grandkids Christmas
Judy Marquart
Holiday Evening
James J Huesgen
I Believe In Santa
Author Unknown
If I Were Santa
Author Unknown
Jesus And Santa
Author Unknown
Light Of Christmas
Bonnie L Tatum
Little Angel
Judy Marquart
My Wish For You
Judy Marquart
Night Before Christmas 2
Author Unknown
Auld Lang Syne
The Drifters
New Year Wish
Judy Marquart
Santa's Prayer
Warren Jennings
Birth Of Jesus
Author Unknown
Night Christmas
Judy Marquart
Night Christ Born
Angela Butwich
Night Jesus Came
Dianne Donanfield
Sands Of Christmas
Michael Marks
We Three Kings
The Bible
What Is Christmas
Judy Marquart
Why Christmas Trees
Richard Schneider
Happy Birthday Jesus
Burl Ives
A Gift
Author Unknown
An Extra Baby Jesus
Jean Geitzen
Born Again Christmas
William E.Hardison
Bright Christmas
William E. Hardison
Teach The Children
Author Unknown
Leslie M Wilson
Christmas Time
Judy Marquart
Grandpa's Christmas
Author Unknown
My First Christmas In Heaven
Author Unknown
Jesus Shed a Tear
Author Unknown
Who Started Christmas
Author Unknown
..... .....

**Easter ~ St. Patrick's Day**

**Dad's and Grandpa's**

**Mom's and Grandma's**


**Valentine's Day and Love**

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