From My Heart To You

A Special friend

It's funny how things happen
When least expected to
How someone comes along
And becomes a friend to you

I wrote it in the newsletter
And you responded so quick
About the news of my little one
When Puggie was so sick

You told me of your Little Red
Who Cancer also had
And sugar just like my little girl
And we were both so sad

We started writing back and forth
Your E-Mails I looked forward to
And when they came each day
I read them through and through

They were of love for your little one
As I also had for mine
And our friendship grew slowly
Over this period of time

You tried to make me feel better
I talked and you would listen
And then a letter I would get
Filled with love within

So true friends we have become
Our hopes and fears we share
Of our family and our pets
And know we both really care

We have this bond that all began
When Jesus looked on down
And said you need a special friend
And then our hearts entwined

We share pictures of everything
Our homes and flower beds
Our pets and family outings
As we each ponder them with love

Maybe someday our paths will meet
And that real hug we can give
For if Jesus put us together on here
Then plans for us he has

So for now we write each day
And our pictures and stories we send
But don't give up hope there girl
As I know we will meet in the end

Written for a special friend *Karen*

Judy N. Marquart
October 11, 2004

This poem is copyrighted and not to be used without my permission!

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